born: 16.05.2011

color: n 22
(black classic tabby, golden carrier)

F: CH Orpheus Crown of Siberia
M: CH Tiffany Crown of Siberia

FeLV, FIV - negative

05.07.2012 - normal (scan)
15.10.2014 - normal (scan)
12.07.2016 - normal (scan soon)
08.10.2016 - normal

A/A - homozygous for agouti
E/E -
no copies of the mutation for Amber
B/B - 
not carry brown or cinnamon
C/cs -
carrier colorpoint
D/d -
carrier dilute



I was looking for new blood-lines very long... In our breeding plan is gradual introduce new blood-lines, in combination with a stable, good type. He has an interesting line from foundation. Bronislav very much widened the genetic pool in our breeding. This is what I'm looking for - wild appearance, expression and siberian look and very interesting pedigree. He gives me a beautiful offspring, often in nice golden color, wild look, but the most important - very, very healt. He never gave me defect in offspring. Super strong heart in all ultrasounds. I am very pleased from the health of his children.

At the moment, Bronislav is already in a well-deserved ''cat's retirement'', will never forget his contribution to our cattery! I have hope to continue this line, of the healthiest I've ever had.