Inaki Amavi born: 23.11.2011

color: n 22
(black classic tabby, golden carrier)

F: IC Orion Xerxes*CZ
M: Etienne Amavi*PL
FeLV, FIV - negative

24.10.2012 - negative (scan)
10.02.2013 - negative
31.05.2014 - negative

CS - C/C (not carrier colorpoint)



Male with extreme strong body, big beauty head and profile, and a perfect balance of the body. Inaki stay in cattery, to take part in my breeding program. From the side of father introduces some new to the golden lines. I hope, that he will give their offspring good bones and strong head. Carries golden, classic (with strong contrast). Ianki has very sweet and great temperament. He's promises to be a big cat... This is my second generation.